Friday, March 2, 2012


I moved on to another project that I'm busy developing and it is an intelligent touch screen light switch that will know exactly how many people are in a room . This switch will have many user friendly features and will turn the light on and off when people enter or leave a room. It can be used in any room with one or more doors and will work with  voltages from 90VAC to 277 VAC making it suitable for businesses and domestic use all over the world.
Many people ask me what the difference is between this switch and the passive infrared switches already available. Well, the switches available are really pathetic and resets a timer every time it sees you move. When it doesn't see you and the timer times out the light turns off. To turn the light back on you have to wave at it for 15 seconds before the light turns back on. When you leave a room the lights usually stays on for 30 minutes or more, wasting energy. My switch will count people enter or leaving a room and turn the light off when the last person leaves. It will  have a full color AMOLED touch screen display that can be changed to fit the decor of the room, and many other settings to make it very user friendly including an optional WIFI connection.