Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I've spent a week reading through data sheets trying to find a suitable mosfet driver for this welder. The LTC driver that I selected is kind of an overkill but it works very good. I also changed the code to the Micro in such a way that when the capacitor is completely discharged or at a low voltage it will limit the current to protect the Mosfet and the transformer. I am busy designing an over voltage protection that will turn the mosfet off if the voltage goes over 20V and also a separate over voltage protection for the capacitor if the mosfet fails. The charging speed is fast enough for a dual pulse so I'm kind of throwing the contactor idea away at this moment(still have all the files) and working on making this a solid state welder that will be much cheaper than the $5000 price tag. Hang in there and don't build it yet until I give the go ahead.


  1. Can't wait. Been following this one.

  2. Thank you for the very useful information and most importantly sharing it with us. Looking forward to your success.... cheers!

  3. You are welcome Moey.


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