Friday, May 21, 2010


I was promised a case for my welder but it seems like I'm not going to get it after a  5 month wait. I decided to buy the 12 X 12 X 19 case from mouser ($140 including shipping and taxes) HERE. This case is bigger than what I need but I guess it will do for now. I'm going to cut out the face with my CNC milling machine this weekend and rebuild all the circuitry into the new box.
I did some tests on my welder to determine the ESR and Max weld current. I connected 3 X 1 Farad computer grade capacitors with #8 welding cable and got an ESR of 0.0020mOhms. At 20V you will get 10 000 amps. The Mosfet board can  handle 15 000 Amps and by using bigger cable, copper bus bars and better connections can increase the current to give you much better and deeper welds than Sunstone Engineering can ever give you for $8000


  1. Can you tell us what part number the caps and the case are? Can you show pics of your better electrical connections?

  2. This is the case My capacitors were connected with #8 welding cable when I did this tests. I will be rebuilding my Mosfet board onto a new manufactured board (I'm still using a board I made)and I ordered copper bus bar from McMaster-Carr. All these connections + thicker wire for my probes will lower the resistance a lot. I will show photos when I'm done

  3. Why you dont want to send PCB's for example to Europe ?

  4. Has anyone gotten a case from Shawn? I want to keep waiting as he said he had one and my probes ready to go but nothing...


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