Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I started my new welder up today and did a couple of test welds. The welds look really good and much better than my previous welder.  I welded some copper to a washer at very low voltages and also checked to see how fine the settings can go by welding  80 micron gold plated tungsten wire to a washer (the photo below was taken with my microscope) and I placed a small BC 847 surface mount transistor next to it. My probe tips are all messed up and I am busy cutting new ones with my lathe which will make much better looking welds. I will also test the ESR this weekend and I'm hoping that it will be in the 0.001 to 0.0015 Ohm range.


  1. Hi,
    Are the PCB's available for this item?


  2. No Paul, sorry, they are all sold out.

  3. Fritz,
    Eagle files, micro source code, etc. is any of that available. You made some mention about buying files at the bottom of the page..I didn't see any.


  4. Paul, the files was just for the mosfet PCB's. I decided not to sell any boards or files anymore because there are guys that purchased these boards from me and they don't even know how to test a diode. It takes a lot of my time, I'm not kidding, 100 to 200 emails and some has to send their boards to me to get it to work.

    I have a couple of control boards left but I'm keeping it to make a pulse arc welder that will be able to weld jewelry. I might just make all the files available for a price, so people can program their own microprocessors and build their own boards.

  5. Fritz,
    That is so funny, I was looking at your product for welding/fusing silver and sterling silver rings for maile type work and also for attaching components to brass buckles that I'm custom making on my small CNC mill.
    Have you heard of if you're interested in CNC related stuff.
    Well, I know how to test diodes and such, just have never spent much time with MOSFETs and the drivers for MOSFETs. I have a BSEE and have done design work and coding with microprocessors.


  6. Fritz,
    I would like to purchase the design/plans for this project. How can I? I won't bug you if I can't get it to work.

  7. Why don't you build and sell the welders as a complete? I would be interested in buying a dual pulse welder from you. email me if you are interested. Thanks.

  8. Charles, many people like you asked me to build them a welder and are willing to pay me for parts and labor. As you know, labor is usually much more expensive than the components and when I tell the people what the final cost will be I never hear from them again. Google the words "CD welder" and you will find lots of companies that will sell you a turn key welder for more or less the same price that I would charge or you can maybe build the welders for us and we can buy it for next to nothing from you. *smile*

  9. Hello Fritz,
    I would be interested in the schematics and source code for your spot welder. Are they available? Please e-mail me at pebbert at

  10. hi there i made my own very basic system with:
    6 paralelled up irf1503 mos fets and a small driver board using an avr tiny and a mosfet driver.
    parts as follows:

    $85 Cacacitor. Could have saved if I went hunting
    $30 6x Mosfets.
    $50 Laptop AC Adaptor. A used 18v acer one from an auction site.
    --controler board
    $0.5 12v regulator for driving MOSFET
    $0.5 5v regulator for microcontroller
    $3 mosfet driver
    $2.5 Tiny13 a 555 timer would have worked as well if you didn't need the dual pulse
    $10 1m 4ga/ Cable. Could have used thinner due to my short run
    $25 Misc, Button, Switch, Led, VR, Cable tie, Heatshrink, Tips and a plactic

    nz$206.50 aprox $100 us ready to go

    i admit it is not as cool as yours and i wish i come across this page earlier, but you say above that you come across some noobs that give you trouble with tech support.

    would you like my simple design without a lcd display it only has several components and just controlls the spot process you could offer to the noobs.
    you can have all the files source code etc sell them if need be, as long as you keep up the good progress on this site and do provide some more pcb's available at some stage so i may purchase a board setup as i really like your weilder and got put of with the price of the sunstone one i was looking at :-)

    you may contact me on: or
    i may have somm things that you may like to swap?
    i work for as a service partner for danfoss so i have a supply of inverter grade 450v capicators and igbt's of varing assortments.

    i have also started another project and made a high and low side driver board using a ir2110 for 2 toshiba MG75Q2YS50 igbt's to have an either dc or ac configuration for a tig/ arc stic mig that i was planning to make but have lost intrest in it as i lack the skills in the programing department to complete the controll part of the wielder you may want these also as another project that you or someone else may like to continue on with?

    i can also say that an american acessories 2 farad cap only has .5 farad and to stay away from one of them!

    cheers jono

    would you be intrested in selling your complete old weilder since you have made a new one? :-)

  11. Hi were can i get the software and pcb's for this project


  12. NICE work!

    And if I think about what started it...

    Keep it up.

    Best regards!


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