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  1. Hi Fritz
    I have spent a couple of hours enthralled looking over this blog, all since looking at repairing my dewalt battery on U tube.
    It is amazing what you have achieved.
    I would like to build a welder just as a project and the pulse welder looks very interesting indeed will it allow very controlled welding of thin aluminium. Will it be an upgrade to the earlier equipment?
    How do I go about buying the boards and starting to build one? Do you provide a build manual to help and component lists?
    When will the version 2.5 become available? What is the best way to contact you?
    I'm looking forward to building one.
    Andrew Davies

  2. Fritz,
    This looks like a very interesting project. I too would also like to know how to go about buying a set of the microprocessor & mosfet boards to build a cdw of my own.
    Rich Adams

  3. Rich, I'm working on a package that will have all the Gerber files, hex files, Manuals, Bill of materials and trouble shooting procedures etc.
    The package will be for sale for $50 and can be downloaded. I will use this money to fund future projects including the pulse arc welder that I'm busy with. Just keep an eye on the blog

    1. Hi Fritz,
      What is your estimated cost of parts for this welder? I plan to use it for welding niobium, copper, silver and gold.
      Thanks for your time.
      Be well,

  4. I would like to build one of these. I have been using a much less sophisticated version built out of necessity. Instead of fancy electronics, mine uses a giant 3 phase contactor. Not pretty but it works. Anyway, I like the package with files, BOM, etc. but I would prefer a package of a programmed micro and a pre-made PCBs.

  5. Fritz,

    I like the price point and idea of letting us build our own and get on with it.

    I'm Looking forward to the release.

  6. Hi Fritz
    keeping up with the latest information the package sounds good, but will it not be costly getting the individual boards made. Is there not enough interest to get a quantity of boards made as in the past, you appear to sell them quickly. I would be happy to pay upfront for the boards, as you have already established good manufacturers. I appreciate from your email that you are very busy, it's a shame if no more boards become available.

  7. I am interested too, my mail is:

    J_b_f loc. katamail (dot) com


  8. Any update on when the package will be ready?

  9. This is an awesome project!!!
    Working on a pneumatically driven weld head for my welder.

  10. Here are some existing weldheads worth looking at:

  11. Hi !
    How can I order pcb and stuff from you.

    Regards ...


  12. How much cost make this welder, I mean the parts, a roughly estimate?

  13. It all depends on what Case, capacitors and transformer you use and how much you pay for the PCB's. It will roughly be between $400 to $500.

  14. from what i see this looks like just the welder i am looking for to do jewelry repairs. the lazar welders that are avail now are sweet but cost ten grand. i think that the same fine wire solder could be used with the hand held contacts to make the same fussion welds. there is an older unit on the market called the sparkie that is a mini spot welder with contacts that are special made to hold certain items like ear ring posts but everything else seems the same except your design seems to have much more precise control over power and time.
    I was looking for an attachment for my linc tig 225 that i just paid 3g's for when i came across this site. should i try using my welder as a power supply or not? it has a min amp setting of 5amps. volts im not sure about but it is sure a nice welder. makes an amature look like a pro with aluminum which i have trouble with. i have read that people tig silver and gold with their tig and mine is the best so i figure i just need a tiny tung and filler but with gold and silver as high as it is and my custom pieces taking as long as they take i would hate to have a melt down. even though gold and silver can always be remelted for casting. i will wait to see what you think the best process is for me and while i do that i think i'll take some scrap and fool around with the tig with some old silver.

    thanks for any advise you have in advance. jason.

  15. Jason, I was working on a pulse arc welder(Tig) I redesign the whole welder and changed the power supply to a pulsed supply with filters and its own microprocessor. It is way too expensive to build and my money supply dried up. I also realized that it would be a nightmare to troubleshoot because of the complexity and high component count. I am not working on it at the moment.
    Don't confuse the pulse arc welder with the capacitor discharge welder. I have never tested the capacitor discharge welder on gold and silver but I doubt if it will weld them because of their low resistance.
    To weld jewelry you needs a pulse arc or a laser welder. They have more control over their pulse width and power than a Tig and usually have very short pulses.They can be started and stopped in milliseconds. Your Tig's pulses are continuous and will be impossible to stop before melting your pieces.

  16. I am a civilian war victims in Bosnia. Welder I need to earn for the family.
    which is the lowest cost and where to buy it.
    best regards.


  18. i am bummed that you decided to put off the pulse welder. It would be so very valuable to me. I sure wish i had your electronic design talent and inteligence! I can usually build anything i need being skilled trades but the electronics is where my skills end. you say this pulse welder is pricey and it sounds as if your very busy anyhow but what is pricey? could i commission you to build me one? Just wondering if we could help each other out. I agree that the cap welder may not work as well as the pulse would but i sure would like to try one out. the way they add say gold to retip a prong is they place a tiny piece of gold solder wire on top and the probe on top of the wire so there are two tiny connections that melt. also they make fussion fittings like ear ring posts that have a tiny tip machined in the bottom to make that resistence. Where are you located? SW MI here. thanks for your time fritz.. jason..

  19. hi I'm from Brazil! How can i buy this package file.
    desponivel this already??

    oi sou do Brasil!!!Como faço pra comprar esse pacote de arquivos .
    ja esta desponivel???


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