Sunday, January 17, 2010


This is a photo that shows the 0.007" stainless steel weld
The mosfet PCB has been strengthened and works really good. I just received 0.007 stainless steel  strips and welded it with just one weld to a crescent wrench with a voltage of 12V and a first pulse of 1.2Ms and a second pulse of 7.8 Ms. This weld is so strong that it is impossible to break with your bare hands.  I'm going to make the control PCB's available to the people that gave me donations for this project first as promised.


  1. Thanks again for your tenacity. I plan to buy the PCBs etc from you when available. I wanted to start collecting parts for the mosfet board and want to know if I need to purchase the entire PCB files for the parts list.
    Brian Steg

  2. Shawn C said...

    Hello Everybody,
    Shawn here! I thought I might take a minute to post a little something about Fritz's AWESOME welder. First off thank you so much Fritz for designing this great welder and for giving us all the opportunity to put our own together, for a small fraction of the cost it would take to purchase a new one. This has been a great opportunity for me to get back into electronics. Nearing the end of the project I can only say that this has been a blast! I have had allot of fun, and its been a great learning experience. I have a new capacitor on the way and should be here at the end of the week. I plan on finishing the custom built box over the weekend and have several battery packs to rebuild. I went ahead and purchased a 100pack of sub c's, as I'm going to need 100 and then some:) This little welder is just awesome! It turned out even better than I had hoped! I've welding
    up as much stuff as I can find laying around and its doing way more than I ever could have hoped. Compared to the hodge podge setup I had previous to this welder there is no comparison. Fritz you've been a hell of a great guy to work with! Thanks for having the patience and willingness to share such a great little welder! I'll post some pics and more info as I get finished up in the next several days. I can't wait to get started on my second welder. I ordered a double batch of parts during the first welders construction:-) Have fun with this guys. When you get done you'll have as close to a commercial welder as you can get, for a fraction of the cost! Shawn C

  3. Fritz,
    What do you think about using this for the case;

  4. That was a good find Brian! The biggest one is 12" x 12" x 19". This will be a good case and you will have enough space to replace your car cap with computer grade Caps or 3 X 1 Farad caps later on. Do you know what the price is?

  5. Digikey has them for $112+ship. I think I can do a custom box with lcd, pot holes and anything elese that is needed for about that much. If anyone is interested. I should have my box completely assembled next week. Still waiting on my new cap :-( I'm willing to do small custom changes to the box cut files free of charge. Shawn

  6. Fritz,

    I'm unable to download or purchase anything from the online store. Any idea when it will be available?



  7. I'm trying to find out what happened Steve


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