Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year everyone!!!!

Thanks for all the support, e-mails and comments Guys. I took some time off to spent with my family over the festival season and are back to finish this project. I have a guy with the name of Shawn building this welder at this moment and I'm using his feedback and questions to write a manual with trouble shooting tips to help with the construction of this circuit. I am busy with the last part of this welder, the Mosfet circuit, and are making it smaller and lining the mounting holes up so the controller board can be mounted on top of the Mosfet board.
For the people that donated, at the bottom of the page, you guys are first on my list! I will be using this money to buy more boards and processors and have it available. THANKS GUYS
I have a very small group of people that are part of this blog and will let you guys have the first choice too.



  1. Hello,
    have an happy new year

    thanks for your hard work, will be happy to test it soon :^)

  2. Happy New Year Fritz

    My name is Jose I'm from Brazil
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and your work

    I am putting together the pieces to be able to mount the welder

    Ps Sorry my English is not very good
    Have a Nice Day

  3. Hi Fritz ,,all , happy new year , to be honoust i never saw a donation adres , but have no problem doing so ,,only need an adres :-)@Jose,,my Englisch is better than Portugese loool
    grtz rik

  4. Happy New Year to Fritz and all fellow followers of this blog. I have enjoyed watching the progress of the project thus far. Excellent work Fritz. Thank you for your devotion to getting it right! More than happy to donate to the cause. I am looking forward to gathering parts and getting this welder built.
    Brian Steg

  5. Thanks Brian I appreciate everything!! Happy new year to you too.


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