Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welder Case

Shawn sent these photos to show how his welder is progressing. These photos also show the case that we might make available if you guys are interested. He still has to work out what it will cost to make one of these and we might ship them out in different stages of manufacture to make it less expensive, meaning  with or without paint, etc. He is hoping to get his welder up and running by next week. Thanks Shawn, it looks awesome!!


  1. Fritz, Nice looking case. One can tell that Shawn put some thought, and time, into the fabrication of it. Thanks for sharing. Jack

  2. That case is looking great.

    I could have used his skills when I was making a case for my CNC control earlier this year. (I ended up converting an old PC case but would have had an easier time with something little heavier duty.)


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