Saturday, January 30, 2010


PCB's ARE SOLD OUT 02/05/2011


  1. I went ahead and purchased a board. I'm looking forward to receiving it - and one day starting this project.

    Thanks again for your work Fritz. I wish I were closer, I'd be willing to help pack stuff for shipping or other help as needed.

  2. I hope that international shipping will be available soon.


  3. An unanticpated North Carolina snow day on Saturday allowed me to populate the control board. I was able to solder the surface mount components despite my initial trepidation. My ferric chloride (with citric acid) is mixed and my transfer film arrived today for construction of the mosfet board. Thank you again Fritz for all you have done!

  4. Thanks for the update Brian, Surface mount components look beautiful when it is done and much cleaner than through-hole.

  5. Fritz:

    Do you have any plans on producing the mosfet boards for sale?

  6. dear FRITZ,
    This is JUN GRAMATA from the PHILIPPINES. would like to congratulate you in making a well designd CD spot welder.My email address is I have been following up your development lately. I would like to place my order soon. unfotunately, you dont deliver abroad. I will wait a while when you are ready to deliver abroad or use my sister home in the california and she will just ship to me.
    1. for the MOSFET board,it appears that we will make the board and I hope the parts are readily available in our place.
    2. for the controller board, it is nice to order with SMD parts already installed in the board. I hope also the parts will be available here also.
    again, thank you but it will be a little risk from here to buy it.
    I appreciate your work.

  7. Fritz,

    Thanks for the reply. I also found a handpiece you made on another site. It looks great. Just what I need for a project I'm getting started. Any update when the boards with the surface mount components installed will be available?

    Thanks again for your help!


    P.S Shawn, your welder looks great!

  8. I have one PCB, with all the SMD components intalled, available in the online store

  9. Fritz,

    I'll purchase a PCB with the surface mount components installed as soon as you have one ready (via Paypal). I just purchased the plans for the MOSFET board.



  10. Fritz,

    Just wondering, are you going to have any more boards for sale, MOSFET and Controller ???


    Danny R.

  11. All my mosfet boards are sold out. I have the files to make your own mosfet boards and I have a couple of control PCB's including the processors left, If you are interested.

  12. Hi Fritz,

    I am keen to buy the files and / or PCB's & Processors from you if you still have any left.

    I sense the luming need to build 40 batteries in the near future, and i dont wont to have go through the hassle of soldering tabs together again!

    I'm sure i'll be able to get things working with the minimum of fuss, I have built electronic projects before and written assembly code for Z80 throught to Microchip PIC's, oh yeah and i know why way around diodes too.

    Please let me know to proceed, this blog is very useful, but some of the mention to links at the bottom have a little confused as i dont see the links? Maybe you have removed them after selling through your original stock of PCB's

    My email is Craig At


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